I originally trained in Berlin as an Historian and Art historian with a special interest in the history of costumes. I spent time researching at the Victoria and Albert Museum archives.

This influenced my later work as a theatrical costume designer for a Shakespeare festival in Vienna, Austria as well my hat making for my own company.

I often like to reinterpret historical shapes and using modern fabrics. My felt helmets, phrygian hat, a renaissance beret and Bellini halo are good examples.

Brian Singers' costume designer ordered 50 of my felt helmets for the Hollywood film production of Jack the Giant Slayer in 2011.

I like to construct a hat by cutting and assembling flat material into sculptural 3D objects that can often be worn in various ways.

Most important for me is the harmony between the personality and individual look of the woman and the hat she is wearing. This is the reason why I enjoy selling my hats personally as much as making them. I have been doing this for nearly 20 years, mainly at retail contemporary arts & craft fairs in Germany and England.

Price range:


Hats from felt cones: £95-£150

Woolen hats and caps: £60-£90


Large straw hats: £90-£130

Sinamay hats: £80-£120

Headbands: £50-£70


Rope caps: £120-£150

Bridal: £80-£150

Hat with feathers: £130-£150

Current prices on request.